Avenida Manantiales 11, Parque Industrial Bernardo QuintanaQuerétaro. Qro. C.P. 76246

  • Located in the Bernardo Quintana Industrial Park.
  • Open park with a security system including cameras and laser motion detectors, and remote monitoring by our guards and security provider to guarantee 24/7 security.
  • Shared self-leveling trailer maps.
  • 6.50 meters of indoor clearance.
  • Three-phase electric power 220 V with capacity from 10 KVA per module.
  • Roll up doors 4.00 m wide by 4.50 m high.
  • 15 cm thick structural fiber MR35 concrete floor, with a load resistance of 250 kg/cm2.
  • 10% translucent roof.