Carretera a comunidad Palo Alto S/N Palo Alto,El Marqués, Querétaro C.P. 76213

  • Located 150 m from Highway 57 Querétaro- México (in front of Hotel One).
  • Amenities: Gym, cafeteria, staff rest area, pharmacy and pending nursery.
  • Large green areas.
  • Closed park with uique security system with fingerprint – controlled access locks, cameras and photocells around the park, surveillance guard house and remote monitoring system to guarantee 24/7 security.
  • Sel-leveling platforms.
  • Large maneuvering yard.
  • 7 meters of indor clearence.
  • Three-phase electric power 220 V with capacity form 10 KVA per medule. Led Lighting, chargin board, 101 mm duct.
  • Roll up doors 4.00 m wide by 4.50 m high.
  • A36 steel structure (closed web structure).
  • 15 cm thick structural fiber MR35 concrete floor with a load resistance of 25 kg/cm2.
  • Window casing made of 4″ aluminum profiles, 6 mm thick tintex glass.
  • KR18 cal. 24 pintro sheet roof with 10% translucent.
  • Main water tanks with pressurized network and individual tanks to ensure supply.