Our team is constantly looking for premium locations and functional designs to ensure optimal occupancy. As a consequence, we are our customers’ first option when they need room to grow and they remain loyal to us over time. The high standards of land and tenants has led to an increase of the valueof the managed assets above the market.
Grupo SPH® offers industrial designs and solutions based on a proven construction model, using high-quality materials, an optimal and functional design, and fast construction timelines. We build sustainable spaces that provide savings while caring for the environment. We provide solutions and industrial designs that respond to the needs of our clients, owners and tenants (also taking into account the well-being of their employees), creating cutting-edge trends for the industry. We provide total security to our tenants through advanced surveillance systems, alarms and well trained security guards.
Our construction partner, JAZA Constructora, with more than 25 years of experience, is a specialist in industrial construction. We verify the quality of construction through a series of controls, ensuring the delivery of the buildings according to the established specifications.

Our owners are sure that once their industrial warehouse is acquired, we will take care of carrying out the tasks involved with the rental properties:

  • Marketing to attract reliable customers.
  • Signing of rental contracts.
  • Management of lease bonds.
  • Property hand-offs with quality controls.
  • Collection of rent.
  • Supervision of proper maintenance and financial record oversight.